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"Everyone has a story, and I love that my job allows me to uncover and bring them to life."

I am currently the Weekend Evening Anchor and Weekday Evening Reporter on CBS4 Miami. 

I cover everything from breaking news to features. In 2019, I was nominated for my first Emmy for an exclusive interview I did with a Miami-Dade Police Officer who overcame personal obstacles after a horrible accident, entitled "Mario Strong." 

Before making my way to South Florida, I lived in Central Georgia, where I was the Weekday Morning and Midday Anchor at 13WMAZ News. I started there in June of 2014 as a Multimedia Journalist, after graduating from the University of Georgia with a major in Digital Broadcast Journalism and minors in Spanish and Communication Studies. Graduating summa cum laude and Presidential Scholar, I was honored to be recognized as one of sixteen Outstanding Senior Leaders. UGA is one of the top Journalism schools in the country.  As the administrator of the esteemed Peabody Awards, it was an exceptional institution to prepare me for my career.


Long before I was a journalist, I grew up doing acting. My parents put me into theater classes after recognizing my tendency to reenact every part of every movie I watched. Acting was a great way to develop my presentation skills and overcome a bit of my childhood shyness. It was also a great foundation for learning to think on my feet. As I grew older, I was able to draw upon my passion for reading and writing and, although I did not realize it at the time, was planting the seeds to be a journalist.


During my high school years, I went on a few mission trips to Costa Rica. This was a very humbling experience for me, because I was able to see through the eyes of others. While there, I recognized how different ways of life give people their own unique perspectives of the world. In college, I spent a summer in Madrid, Spain, living with a family and taking classes. This really allowed me to immerse myself in a completely different culture. Everyone has a story, and even though it took my experiences in other countries to fully appreciate this, I found that these stories can be found right here in our own communities. 


Whether it is behind the camera or behind the desk, I hope to present news in an informative, entertaining and enlightening way.  If I can do my part to keep people safe, teach them something new, or even just make them smile as they start their day, then I feel successful. I wish you all the best as you write the story of your life, and thanks for visiting!

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